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Why is no one calm?

I think everyone should just calm down and take a few seconds to just assess the situation. Lately, so many people haven’t even been calm so it is a bit upsetting for me because everything is so much better when you’re calm and not arguing. If you argue then you will probably die much earlier than what you’re meant to because it releases chemicals with are more dangerous than the ones released when you’re calm because whether you Liberals like it or not, our body produces drugs every day. Does producing drugs make me a drug dealer? No, because I’m not giving any of my bodily chemicals away. If anything, transplant surgeons are the real drug dealers, because it is their job to make sure the transaction of organs goes smoothly between the two parties, so technically, they’re the drug dealing middle man. 

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The TRUTH! (The Liberals can’t handle it!)

As a lot of you have probably guessed, I am, in a way, a quasi parody. I Tweet some things just for my own amusement. I’m really a moderate Social Conservative who believes in conservative fiscal policies. I believe in small government, low state regulation, privatization and an expanded military. I in NO WAY hate gay people, Liberals, Leftists or any other group of “agendas” that I have attacked on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. 

I did it to annoy Left Wing people, which I did a GREAT job at (Over 200 screen shots of nasty hate from them is proof), and to provoke Ultra Conservatives who are so obsessed with living in the past, they can’t see the future, let alone the present. I believe in moderate social conservatism, meaning although I like the traditional family and the mother being in the household, I have no issue with women being in full time occupations or professional careers.

I do NOT want to put gays on some concentration-camp-esque Island in the Mediterranean, and I am aware that Malta does not fall under the jurisdiction of Greece.

I do not want to cut down all middle eastern trees to combat terrorism. The particular quote and picture that I got that from was actually from the Colbert Report, which I found funny so I screenshotted it and posted it with my own caption and take on it. 

I don’t attend Church, but I do like some denominations and the Church community as a whole. I am personally agnostic, but I would happily join a Church in order to try and develop this faith. That being said, I am not completely ignorant to scientific theories like I have suggested in some tweets before. 

Just before people try and pull me up on all the wrong geographical things I have said (Like saying Mexico was next to Spain), I got an A* in my most recent GCSE history mock and I am completely aware that Mexico is in the Americas/South Americas.

If you have any questions about my LEGITIMATE views, feel free to use my

I will probably not be using Tumblr again because it’s so shockingly bad and annoying, and only good for doing long Tweets like this.

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My views aren’t dangerous!

I am so angry that people on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are all saying that I am a nasty person and that my views are dangerous. I don’t see what is dangerous about deporting gays to Malta peacefully, and why it is dangerous to expand Britain’s nuclear armory, because simply, the Left don’t know anything about morals or good character.

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